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May 17, 2023Liked by Margaret May

When I read your writing, I feel like I am watching you perform acrobatics. You just swing from one tone to the next with such adeptness while never losing your sense of play. Some of your lines read like poetry ("Some dishes deliver their flavors, particularly their spiciness, in waves that first tickle eaters’ tongues before swiftly dropkicking them in the back of the throat, but you—somehow your broth manages to disperse the spice and intertwines all the levels and layers of the five taste elements in one go.") while others read like a sitcom ("hand our order off to the man with the stellar calf muscles").

"Stolen my heart" works because it is next to "challenged my bowels:" a quintessentially Margaret May move.

Only Margaret May would write, "the cilantro adds a certain brightness and herbaceous notes that perfectly complement and cut that rich curry broth of yours," and call it a trick pulled by "sauce magicians."

"Bland Land" made me laugh out loud.

Lastly, I'll say that you have a great instinct for when to be short, and the shortness is executed with a precision that feels sharp and intentional. ("And I relish in the mystery. / "Slurp with reckless abandon.")

Don't be too flattered -- these aren't compliments, this is just my honest feedback. I'm simply reporting the facts.

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