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May 12, 2023Liked by Margaret May

This piece is wildly immersive. The way you meld certain details together (like the building that mimics the curve of the sidewalk and pulsates with the vibration of a guitar, and also how you wave away a dorm room memory with the motion of your pen across the notebook) makes everything feel connected--maybe even more-so than most people would feel if they were in the experience, which is a beautiful gift to give. I love the listicles of the items in the restaurant and how you describe what’s in the second floor thrift shop before revealing what it is. Sentences like the one about the car engine that’s “tired of carrying its retro-fitted metal shell and rotund of tourists pants” highlight details that are so tiny, I would never even think of them if I were there. It makes the piece feel so incredibly alive.

I have thought about the wooden chairs flanking you like two faithful guard dogs metaphor multiple times since I first read this. The whole thing is pure linguistic pleasure, which is one of many cool tricks within your arsenal. Thank you + congrats.

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