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:') This made me feel somewhat emotional to read. I'm so glad you included this reflective piece at the end of your journey.

Some sentences that stood out to me:

"I’ve also grown and evolved in ways unseen—such is the beauty of travel and being human."

"play and soak in the stillness of life"

"Travel reminded me, once again, that I still have so much to learn (some of which I may not learn in this lifetime, and that’s okay, too)."

I love this idea of change consistently being uncomfortable, but continuously working to be more comfortable with the discomfort.

"...some tales grounded in the new, soon-to-be here of the bays and bars of Cape Cod... the main focus of which will be refilling our bank accounts by means of bar shifts, boutique days, waitressing nights, and copyediting side gigs…" is a powerful cliff-hanger if there ever was one. (I'm serious. I find this deeply intriguing and can't wait to hear the stories that arise from this time.)

Also, the part about Brooks being a veteran of "falling," and thereby nudging you over the cliff, seems like a kernel for a beautiful story, too.

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